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  1. Football Question # 2.

    First and 10 at team A's 40 yardline. B1 intercepts A2's legal forward pass at team B's 32 yardline and runs to team A's 20 yardline. B1 fumbles when A3 grasps and twists his facemask. While the ball is loose, B4 clips at team A's 30 yardline. Prone A5 recovers the fumble at team A's 16 yardline.

    A. That's a double foul. The fouls offset and the down is replayed.
    B. Team A may keep the ball by declining the penalty for team B's foul. The penalty for the facemask foul is ...
  2. Football Question #1 For 2014-15 Season,

    Fourth and 10 for team K from its own 20 yardline. After team K's punt strikes the ground at team K's 40 yardline, R1 signals for a fair catch.

    A. No foul.
    B. R1 has fouled.
  3. Kentucky vs Connecticut Officials Report. NCAA Tournament.

    1. Doug Shows, SEC, Big East. 2. Vern Harris, Mountain West, PAC 12. 3. Joe DeRosa, Big 12, Horizon.

    Missed Walks, 5; Palms, 3;

    Congratulations on being selected to work the Championship Game.
    Crew worked well together and for the most part floor coverage was good. Switching and mechanics were OK, while all were observed talking to the players. Mr Harris seemed distracted at times. He got beat bad on a critical fast break and was observed leaning in instead ...

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  4. Kentucky vs Wisconsin Officials Report. NCAA Tournament.

    1. Mike Stuart, Big 12, Big East; 2. Pat Adams, SEC, Atlantic Sun; 3. Terry Wymer, Big 10, MAC.

    Missed Walks, 4; Palms, 6;

    Very experienced crew to work this semi-final game. Personally, I think it's unfair to Mr Adams and Mr Wymer to be assigned to this game because of their affiliation with the conferences represented by these teams. There are other officials available. Now on to the game itself. Floor coverage was good as was switching. I thought Mr Adams ...
  5. Kentucky vs Michigan Officials Report. NCAA Tournament.

    1. Randall McCall, PAC12-Mountain West. 2. Don Daily, Big12-Missouri Valley. 3. Edward Corbett, Big East-ACC.

    Missed Walks, 2; Palms, 3:

    Again, we have a split crew which worked very well together. No mention of detail needed as you covered the game very good in all aspects expected of you. Calls were consistent outside as well as in the paint. You were by no means perfect, but you had control of the game. One incident of the gold team coach out on the floor protesting ...
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