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  1. Football Question # 5,

    Second and seven at team A's 33 yardline. At the snap, right guard A1 and right tackle A2 block defensive end B3 with a delayed high-low block on their initial charge. A1's block is below B3's knee and A2's block is in B3's chest.

    A. That's a chop block.
    B. That's a chop block only because one of the blocks was delayed.
    C. No problem.
  2. Football Question # 4.

    Third and goal at team B's four yardline. Quarterback A1 fumbles at team B's two yardline. The ball rolls into the end zone, where B2 recovers and attempts to run the ball out of the end zone. During the run, B3 clips at team B's 6 yardline. B2 is tackled in the end zone; the ball never comes into the field of play.

    A. Team A scores a safety.
    B. After the penalty is enforced, it will be first and 10 for team B from its own 10 yardline.
    C. After the penalty is enforced, ...
  3. Football Question # 3.

    Team A is attempting a two-point try attempt at team B's three yardline. After all 11 team players are set for one second, A1 and A2 both go in motion and A2 is still moving at the snap. A3's legal forward pass is intercepted by B4 who returns the ball the length of the field and across team A's goalline. During the return, B5 holds at team B'sd 25 yardline.

    A. Team A is guilty of an illegal shift.
    B. Team A is guilty of illegal motion.
    C. The fouls offset, the scor ...
  4. Football Question # 2.

    First and 10 at team A's 40 yardline. B1 intercepts A2's legal forward pass at team B's 32 yardline and runs to team A's 20 yardline. B1 fumbles when A3 grasps and twists his facemask. While the ball is loose, B4 clips at team A's 30 yardline. Prone A5 recovers the fumble at team A's 16 yardline.

    A. That's a double foul. The fouls offset and the down is replayed.
    B. Team A may keep the ball by declining the penalty for team B's foul. The penalty for the facemask foul is ...
  5. Football Question #1 For 2014-15 Season,

    Fourth and 10 for team K from its own 20 yardline. After team K's punt strikes the ground at team K's 40 yardline, R1 signals for a fair catch.

    A. No foul.
    B. R1 has fouled.
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