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Texas A&M @ Kentucky Officials Report.

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1. Doug Shows. 2. Patrick Evans. 3. Bruce Benedict.

Missed Walks, 6 Palms 3

This should have been a fairly easy game to call. A lot of physical play, moving picks mostly, you called the more physical ones, but a lot went uncalled. Floor coverage was good, except for a few times Mr. Benedict was late on fast break coverage. Off ball coverage good. Bench decorum was an issue almost from the beginning, especially with the coach of white team. Mr Shows finally called a technical, and probably should have call a second. However Mr Evans and Mr Benedict both passed on earlier opportunities to take care of that issue. Preventative officiating was not visable but should have been. Several walks were ignored. I have some specific issues.

Evans; #0 red pushed #10 white in your primary. Mr Shows came from trail position to make your obvious call.
Evans; Good block call on #34 white.
Shows; Great off ball moving pick call on #32 red.
Benedict; You got caught behind quick downcout play. #12 red hit ball then threw his body into #3 white. Not an intentional foul, good call.
Shows; Good call, T on coach of white team. It was about time!
Benedict; #32 red pushing #3 white on rebound. You came from trail position and called holding foul on #3 white. Mr Shows was in position at lead position, and had nothing.
Shows; #42 red moving pick contact with elbow. No call?

You did not affect the outcome, and did an OK job. Pay more attention to benches and advantage gained by physical play. Grade; Mr Shows & Mr Evans A-, Mr Benedict B.
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  1. icehouse1's Avatar
    What was the "T" for?
  2. Sean's Avatar
    I really thought Cal was about to be tossed honestly. Still not 100% sure how he wasn't other than the ref really giving him leeway and keeping his cool.
  3. lighthouse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by icehouse1
    What was the "T" for?
    Only Coach Cal and Doug Shows know for sure, but it was earned.
  4. lighthouse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Adams
    I really thought Cal was about to be tossed honestly. Still not 100% sure how he wasn't other than the ref really giving him leeway and keeping his cool.
    I can say this for sure. When I was working and I called a T on a coach and he said to me what Cal said to Doug Shows, I would have called another T. Of course back then a coach had to get 3 T's before ejection.
    Updated 01-13-2013 at 09:22 PM by lighthouse
  5. cumberlandredskin's Avatar
    Benedict could have and probably should have called a T on Cal earlier in the game too. I think Cal wanted one then. I really think Cal wanted to get tossed to either fire up his team or just didn't want to watch anymore.
    Thanks LH another good job on this game and the Vandy game.
  6. wildcatdon's Avatar
    Lighthouse when my wife saw Cal say what he did to Shows after the T,she asked me if I would have called another one if a coach said that to me..I said yes without hesitation..I was shocked he didnt get tossed..I never took profanity from any coach.
  7. blueflashoflight's Avatar
    [COLOR=#222222][FONT=Tahoma]I have called games with Bruce and Doug several years ago. Doug is one of the best officials in the game and Bruce although a veteran official continues to make the same mistakes repeatedly. I enjoy your evaluation much more than the ones I have received in the past. I was part of the CCA from 99' to 2004' officiated 64 div-1 games in 12 states I wont say I was one of the best but officiated shoulder to shoulder with the best. One of the best experiences of my life.[/FONT][/COLOR]
    Updated 01-19-2013 at 06:10 AM by blueflashoflight