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Kentucky @ Florida Officials Report

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1. Tony Greene. 2. Ed Corbett. 3. Michael Roberts.

First thing to mention is the numerous moving screens you allowed both teams with no penalty. Floor coverage was good as was switches and mechanics. Mr Greene still having some trouble moving up the court. I observed several body checks by both teams allowed in paint area, with a touch foul being called every so often. Not consistent foul calling, and players have tough time adjusting. Here are a few concerns.

Roberts; Good charge call on #10 blue.
Roberts; #12 blue fell to the floor without ball control. You called a walk?
Corbett; Touch foul called on #33 white. No advantage.
Crew; Shot clock horn went off after white team had gained control, however you stopped play?
Greene; #22 blue forearm pushoff to #3 white. No foul call?
Greene; On offensive called on #15 blue. You called from center position and he did not come from your primary. No sure defense was set and I wonder what Mr Roberts had from lead.
Greene; A lot of hand and body checks allowed by #4 white against #3 blue. No call?
Greene; Great holding foul called on #33 white.
#3 blue gets hurt. End of evaluation.

The veteran officials on this crew should have a more consistent game. The advantages allowed, especially to the defense on both ends, should be cleaned up. Players will play by the rules if officials would enforce them. Crew grade, C+.
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  1. Catligula's Avatar
    #3 blue gets hurt. End of evaluation.
    I feel ya on that.