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Kentucky @ Tennessee Officials Report.

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1. Doug Shows. 2. Mark Whitehead. 3. Brian Shey.

Missed Walks, 7. Palms, 0.

I've noticed the league office has been sending 2 veteran officials and 1 relative new official to a lot of games lately, and although I understand it, it hasn't worked out well. The situation with the possession arrow pointing the wrong way, if you knew it was an error by the table, why couldn't you just explain to the coaches the predicament you were in? You couldn't go to the monitor. This crew, although calling a lot of walking violations, allowed several that were not called. Your floor coverage was average, with a lot of standing still. Preventitive officiating seemed lacking when several times players were observed talking to opponents with no attention paid by officials. Mechanics were a problem only with Mr Shows. To much drama and simply showboating with unnecessary repeating signals. Make the call, give the mechanic once and move on. These antics only bring attention to yourself, and makes you look like you're not sure of your call. Other normal aspects of the game looked OK. I have several concerns.

Shows; #0 white with moving pick on #22 blue. No call?
Shows; Way to much showboating when ejecting the blue team assistant coach. Not a professional posture when repeating ejection mechanic or showing you are emotionally involved.
Shows; You made correct call, but #5 blue had you straightlined when making charge call on #10 blue.
Whitehead; #22 blue with forearm push off on #4 white. No call?
Shows; #15 blue charged #4 white, you called block.
Whitehead; #33 blue hit on arms by #31 white on shot. No call?
Shey; #5 blue flop with no contact. No T?
Shey; #4 blue with moving pick on #13 white. No call?
Whitehead; #22 white with body contact to #34 blue on 3 point try. No call?
Whitehead; #22 blue with body contact to #5 white before you call foul.
Shows; You called demonstrative T on #15 blue who did push #11 white. However, #15 blue had been pushed by #11 white. Mr Whitehead should have informed you.
Shey; #11 caught pass in mid court area and took 3 steps to face defense. He then lifted pivot before beginning dribble. 2 walks on 1 play, no call?
Shey; #3 white on the back of #5 blue. No call?
Crew; Handled situation between #4 white and #10 blue, with #12 white joining in, correctly.

Summary. I thought Mr Shey held his own with the veterans. Mr Shows should be embarrassed by his emotional involvement in calling technical fouls, especially on blue team assistant coach. The T should be called just like any other foul or violation. When you have a game where one team is playing well and the other isn't, it makes for a long game and one a crew never looks good calling. Crew grade, c-.

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  1. kynut's Avatar
    What a coincidence. You posted this as I was writing a new thread about Mr. Shows. I agree with your comments about him. Plus, as I said in the thread, I watched the entire crappy thing over again just to watch Shows and only Shows. I was dumbfounded by the number of times one of the other guys had to make a call that was in Shows' area. It's amazing what you can see when you just watch one official for an entire game.

  2. grillman's Avatar
    Thanks for the info , really enjoy your comments .