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    2014 UK Football Offer List

    Drew Barker 4* QB (UK Commit)

    Mikel Horton 4* RB (UK Commit)
    Adam Choice 4* RB (Clemson commit)
    Stanley Williams 4* RB (UK Commit)
    Jonathan Haden RB (Arizona commit)
    Kamryn Pettway RB (Auburn commit)
    Jarvis Stewart RB (USF commit)
    Justin Jackson RB (Northwestern commit)

    Demarree Kitt 4* WR (Clemson commit)
    Josh Malone 4* WR (Tennessee commit)
    Artavis Scott 4* WR (Clemson commit)
    Derek Kief 4* WR (Alabama commit)
    Corey Holmes 4* WR
    Braxton Berrios 4* WR (Miami commit)
    Blake Bone 4* WR (UK Commit)
    Dorian Baker 4* WR (UK Commit)
    Dominique Booth 4* WR
    Thaddeus Snodgrass 4* WR (UK Commit)
    Moral Stephens 4* WR (Florida commit)
    Johnnie Dixon 4* WR (OSU commit)
    Tyre Brady 3* WR (Miami commit)
    Kendrick Holland 3* WR (VT commit)
    Garrett Johnson 3* WR (UK Commit)
    TV Williams 3* WR (UK Commit)
    Isaiah Ford 3* WR (UL commit)
    Ryan Sousa 3* WR (FSU commit)
    Troy Apke 3* WR (Penn State commit)
    Emanuel Beal 3* WR
    Nick Kurtz WR 3* WR (BYU commit)
    Tevin Madison WR (Texas Tech commit)
    Shakenneth Williams WR (Georgia commit)

    Bryce Dixon 4* TE
    Jakell Mitchell 3* TE (Auburn commit)
    Darryl Long 3* TE (UK Commit)
    Marcus Mosely 3* TE

    Alex Bars 4* OT (Notre Dame commit)
    Nick Richardson 4* OT (UK Commit)
    Reilly Gibbons 4* OT (Miami commit)
    Orlando Brown 3* OT (Tennessee commit)
    Nolan Kelleher 3* OT (UF commit)
    Ja'Marez Bowen 3* OT (Cincinnati commit)
    Alex Bookser 3* OT (Pitt commit)
    Gary Brown 3* OT (Ga Tech commit)
    Kavaris Harkless 3* OT (UL commit)
    Christian Harris 3* OT (Duke commit)
    Ray Raulerson 3* OT (Tennessee commit)
    Jervontius Stallings OT (UK Commit)
    Derrick Kelly OT
    Adam Duckett OT
    Avery Gennesy OT (Texas A&M commit)
    Josh Krok OT (WVU commit)
    Brady Taylor OT (OSU commit)

    Corey Martinez 4* OG (FSU commit)
    Jarrett LaRubbio 3* OG (UK Commit)
    Josh Allen 3* OG (UNC commit)
    Isaiah Wynn 3* OG (Georgia commit)
    Marcelys Jones 3* OG (OSU commit)
    Montel McBride 3* OG (Bama commit)
    Eric Shute 3* OG (NC State commit)
    Alex Dalton OG (OU commit)

    Brian Allen 3* C (Mich St commit)
    Joshua Casher 3* C (Auburn commit)
    Raul Diaz C

    Lorenzo Carter 5* DE
    Keyon Brown 4* DE
    Justin Thornton 4* DE (Auburn commit)
    Andrew Williams 4* DE
    Dante Sawyer 4* DE
    Denzel Ware 4* DE (UK Commit)

    Joe Henderson 3* DE (UT commit)
    Tymere Dubose 3* DE
    (UK Commit)
    KeShun Freeman 3* DE (GT commit)
    Trent Harris 3* DE (Miami commit)
    Verondtae Wilkinson 3* DE
    Terry Ramsey DE (UL commit)
    Cory Thomas DE

    Matt Elam 5* DT (UK Commit)
    Elisha Shaw 4* DT
    Cory Johnson 4* DT (UK Commit)
    Anthony Moten 4* DT (UF commit)
    Daniel Cage 3* DT
    Thomas Holley 3* DT
    Caleb Samuel 3* DT (UNC commit)
    Chris Williams 3* DT (Ole Miss commit)
    Chris Nelson 3* DT (UL commit)
    Jamyius Pittman 3* DT (Ole Miss commit)
    Michael Sawyers 3* DT (Vandy commit)
    Adam Torres 3* DT (FSU commit)
    Taylor Stallworth 3* DT
    Keland McElrath DT
    Armon Watts DT (Arkansas commit)
    Adrian Middleton DT (UK Commit)

    Delvin Purifoy 4* ILB (FSU commit)soft
    Tyrell Tomlin 4* ILB (UNC commit)
    Dorian Hendrix ILB (UK Commit)
    T.J. Posey 3* ILB
    Andrew Beck 3* ILB (Texas commit)
    Deshaun Davis 3* ILB (Auburn commit)
    Gavin Bryant 3* ILB (Tennessee commit)
    Ryan Flannigan ILB (UK Commit)

    Korie Rogers 4* OLB (Clemson commit)
    Dwight Williams 4* OLB
    Jacob Pugh 4* OLB (FSU commit)
    Bryson Allen-Williams 4* OLB (South Carolina commit)
    Rasheen Evans 4* OLB
    Shaun Dion Hamilton 4* OLB (Alabama commit)
    Kobie Walker 3* OLB (UK Commit)
    Chris Register 3* OLB (Clemson commit)
    Brandon Lee 3* OLB
    Richard Yeargin 3* OLB (Notre Dame commit)
    Nico Firios 3* OLB (UK Commit)
    Francisco Hernandez 3* OLB (USF commit)
    Juwuan Brown 2* OLB (South Florida commit)
    Jaylon Graham 2* OLB

    D.J. Smith 4* CB
    Wesley Green 4* CB (South Carolina commit)
    Kalvaraz Bessent 4* CB (Alabama commit)
    Step Durham 4* CB (GT commit)
    Nigel Patton 4* CB
    Kendall Randolph 4* CB (UK Commit)
    John Battle 3* CB (LSU commit)
    De'Eric Culver 3* CB (UL commit)
    Stephen Roberts 3* CB (Alabama commit)
    Nicholas Ruffin 3* CB (Auburn commit)
    Jared Tucker 3* CB (UK Commit)
    Shyquawn Pullium 3* CB
    Malkom Parrish 3* CB (Georgia commit)
    Chris Lammons 3* CB
    Jermaine Roberts 3* CB (Texas commit)
    JaJuan Perkins 3* CB
    Shattle Fenteng CB (Georgia commit)
    Quintavious Knight CB (Ole Miss commit)
    Kendarious Webster CB

    Nick Glass 4* S
    Javon Harrison 4* S (VT commit)
    Deion Singleton 4* S
    Cortez McDowell 4* S (Tennessee commit)
    Darius West 4* S (UK Commit)
    Mike Edwards 4* S (UK Commit)
    John Bonney 3* S
    Rashaan Gaulden 3* S (Tennessee commit)
    Allen Artis 3* S (UNC commit)
    Darrion Owens 3* S (Miami commit)
    Khalia Hackett S
    Kendall Gant 3* S (Georgia commit)
    Daejuan Funderburk 3* S (Temple commit)
    Andre Godfrey 3* S

    Marshon Lattimore 4* ATH
    Johnathon Lloyd 4* ATH (Duke commit)
    Jimmy Bayes 4* ATH (USF commit)
    Terry Googer 4* ATH (South Carolina commit)
    EJ Moss 4* ATH
    Darien Watkins 4* ATH (Northwestern commit)
    TJ Harrell 3* ATH
    Brandon Powell 3* ATH (Tennessee commit)
    Reggie Bonnafon 3* ATH (UL commit)
    Stanton Truitt 3* ATH (Auburn commit)
    Lonnie Johnson 3* ATH (Ohio St commit)
    Ladarian Smiley 3* ATH (Western Mich commit)
    Cameron Seward 3* ATH (BCU commit)
    Dejuan McQuarters ATH
    JayJay Pinckney

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