With this list you cannot leave off Dermontti Dawson. I played at Bryan Station with Marc Logan, Cornell Burbage and Dermontti Dawason. To me all 3 real strong UK Players of the 80's.

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George Adams was a great running back. He had a great career at UK and was a first round draft pick. A devastating leg injury derailed what could've been a very solid NFL career.

George Adams was Joker Phillips' roommate at UK, Phillips was the best man at Adams' wedding, and Phillips is Jamal Adams' godfather. Florida has offered a scholarship to him.

George Adams was from Lexington originally. I don't know how strong his connections to Kentucky are currently.

George Adams, Mark Higgs, Ivy Joe Hunter and Marc Logan in the backfield, Bill Ransdell at QB, Joker Phillips at WR, Paul Calhoun at both safety and punter, Joey Worley kicking, John Grimlsey, Cam Jacobs, Oliver White, Maurice Douglass...those Claiborne teams in the early to mid 1980s had some really good, really underrated players who are certainly underappreciated today, IMO.