Have I mentioned that I hate charging in college basketball? I hate it with a boundless, frenzied, soul-crushing passion.

But that's not really what this thread is about. It's about something I saw on Twitter after the Duke game the other night. A guy said this, basically:

How come late in college basketball games, a guy can be mugged when he's got the basketball and we're always told "the refs want to let the players decide it." But let that same guy dribble the ball and bump into a player, and it will be a charge EVERY TIME, regardless of the time left on the game clock.

Don't you agree with that? Because I do.

The Kansas/Oklahoma State last night? Came down to a charge. It's got to go. It has to. These offensive players have to have more room to operate, and there has to be a line of demarcation between "out of control offensive player barrelling over defender" and "defender setting up and waiting to flop at the first sign of contact."