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It's officials, who likely love the thrill of the reaction when they make that call. And it's also the fact that the call is missed a whole lot. But it's also the "spirit of the rule."

The spirit of the rule is a bad spirit. A wraith of whatever. It's Satanic. Because the spirit of the rule suggests something like this: if you slide over and wait and FALL DOWN, you should be rewarded.

Listen, some of these offensive fouls after collisions are warranted. Archie Goodwin has careened over people this year. That's a charge. But there are times when these guys just shouldn't be rewarded for basically standing, waiting, and either flopping or taking a tiny bit of contact and falling on their backs.
You thought Bilas' going off about the NCAA and Emmert was good on twitter ask him about charges. He actually held a conversation with me last season on twitter during one of our games when the ref call the infamous "BLARGE" (a block and charge on the same play).

He may be the flag bearer of both hating the NCAA and Charges.