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If you frequented the Paddock (That's were I learned about beer in a frosty mug) you may remember these two Lexington restaurants that I'm struggling to remember the names of.

On the hill going down Limestone between Maxwell and High, on the right side there was a sandwich place that had a huge burger called "The Space Burger" and they had a pimento cheese sandwich that was wrapped in some sort of cheese and deep fried - it won some sort of national sandwich contest way back when and on the wall they had a big sign and plaque about the award. For the life of me I can't remember the name.

On Richmond Road (Maybe still Main Street) near Clay and Woodland avenue there was a cafeteria that was also sort of a deli. It has a great plate lunch. Anyone remember this place?

Also did anyone mention Saratoga in Lex?

Does anyone remember 'The Hungry Hermit' hamburger place in St Mathews? They had massive burgers and they came around with a cart that tons of different things on it that you could dress up the burgers with.

JOZIES Pizza at Hikes Lane and Old Bardstown Road.

Fannellies Ice Cream Parlor in Beuchel.
We took my grandmother to Fannellies on Sundays. She would get a Maple Nut cone. We lived in J*town and it was a treat to make the trip to Hikes Point and eat at McDonald's or Joe-Zs.