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    Lightbulb High School Football pre-game music Playlist

    I'm the PA guy and the music guy for our football games. I want some input on this playlist: ie, what works, what doesn't work, any suggestions for future games. (I guess all games that have yet to be played are in the future....) I'm trying to get away from the old stand-bys that you hear everywhere (AC/DC, Welcome to the Jungle, We Will Rock You, etc.)

    Chalk Dust Torture -- Phish
    Feels Like the First Time -- Foreigner
    In Your Honor -- Foo Fighters
    Honky Tonk Women -- Rolling Stones
    American Gigolo -- Weezer
    Princes of the Universe -- Queen (Highlander theme)
    Shake Me Like a Monkey -- Dave Matthews Band
    Thnks fr th mmrs -- Fall Out Boy
    Rollover DJ -- Jet
    Crab -- Weezer
    Twice as Hard -- Black Crowes
    Zero -- Smashing Pumpkins
    Amsterdam -- Van Halen
    Axilla, Pt. 2 -- Phish
    Animal -- Pearl Jam
    Roll With the Changes -- REO Speedwagon (Great tune, but I have my doubts with this one)
    Are You Gonna Be My Girl -- Jet
    Lose Yourself (clean version) -- Eminem

    And after the coin toss, in that minute-and-thirty-second dead air space...

    Tweezer (reprise) -- Phish


    Intro (The xx)


    Edited to add: Last week I used this playlist, and it had one other song on it: Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name Of" Luckily I got to the kill switch after about the sixth or seventh F-bomb, so it wasn't too bad. Needless to say, that song won't be on the list anymore.
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